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This Cubs Minor Leaguer is Really Committed to a Season-Long Gag

Taylor Davis is really good at making you feel uncomfortable. 

Baseball season is long, and it’s even longer if you’re grinding through the minor leagues. Cubs Triple A catcher Taylor Davis has found a way to keep himself entertained, though. Throughout the season, he’s been shooting icy stares at the Iowa Cubs’ cameras. 

Davis has what a football scout would call field awareness or a basketball evaluator would call court vision. He always knows exactly where the camera is and when to hit it with a steely glance. 

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At first I thought the bit might be a practical joke against one particular camera operator but then I realized he’s doing it with every single lens in the ballpark. 

Here’s hoping Davis, who’s hitting .295, makes it to the majors, where the lights are brighter and the cameras are more plentiful. 

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