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After Kenyon Martin ripped Jeremy Lin for sporting dreadlocks, Lin scored a TKO.

By Jimmy Traina
October 06, 2017

1. The only thing better than a good feud is a dumb feud. We have one on our hands with Nets guard Jeremy Lin and former NBA player, Kenyon Martin. For reason, Martin went on Instagram and decided to go off about Lin's current hairdo -- dreadlocks.

"Do I need to remind this damn boy that his last name Lin?" Martin said in the video. "Like, come on man. Let's stop this, man, with these people, man. There is no way possible that he would have made it on one of our teams with that bullshit goin' on on his head. Come on man, somebody need to tell him, like, 'All right bro, we get it. You wanna be black.' Like, we get it. But the last name is Lin."

Apparently, Martin is unaware that Lin has had about a billion different hairdos throughout his career. It's also complete garbage that Martin expects us to believe a player would not make it on a team because of their hair. However, Lin didn't come back with any of that. He took a totally different tact and made Martin look like a complete buffoon.

Well played, Jeremy. Well played.

2. Buccaneers kicker Nick Folk missed all three of his field-goal attempts in a 19-14 loss against the Patriots last night. He has now missed five of his last six attempts. Twitter reacted to Folk's horrible night by remembering Robert Aguyao, who was cut by Tampa Bay -- on Hard Knocks -- in the offseason.

3. When you give it, you gotta take. The Yankees social media team tried to get cute before Game 1 of Thursday's ALDS against the Indians by sending this tweet.

After Cleveland made New York look inept in a 4-0 win, the Indians dropped the hammer.

4. So, Katie Nolan has joined ESPN. Reports also say that Barstool Sports' very popular Pardon My Take hosts, Big Cat and PMT are also headed to ESPN2, although nothing has been confirmed yet. Late in their newest podcast, the duo addressed the "Katie Nolan situation" and the issues of a popular Internet personality/personalities going to a mainstream company in a very amusing bit.

5The Chargers are now late-night fodder thanks to their ill advised relocatioin to L.A. which has been a disaster.

6. This local news reporter cracked himself up with his own report about people not lining up to buy a Super Nintendo Classic. I think he was trying to make fun of the two people waiting in line, but I think it's clear who comes out worse in the video.

7. This week's episode of Off The Board features Peter Schrager and Kyle Brandt, two hosts of the NFL Network's highly entertaining Good Morning Football. In addition to discussing th success of their show and football, Brandt talks about his unique career path from The Real World: Chicago to Days of Our Lives to The Jim Rome Show to GMFB. Meanwhile, Schrager, who also does NFL sideline reporting for Fox, reveals his true career highlight.

You can listen to the podcast below or on iTunesSoundCloud and Stiticher. Please subscribe and review.

8. RANDOM WRESTLING VIDEO OF THE DAY: Just some old-school WWF where one wrestler buys another wrestler to make him his slave.

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BONUS ITEM: Don't get fooled by the Texans putting up 57 points last week. Chiefs as a pick 'em on Sunday night is the lock of the weekend.

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