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Traina Thoughts: World Series Ratings Not Off To A Good Start

How did Game 1 between the Astros and Dodgers do in the ratings?

1. Here's how you can tell if a rating is not great: The network tries to highlight local numbers. Game 1 of the World Series between the Astros and Dodgers on Tuesday night generated a 10.2 rating. Game 1 last year between the Indians and Cubs did a 12.6. Game 1 in 2015 between the Royals and Mets did a 10.5. So when FOX Sports tweeted out the rating today, they made sure to push the numbers for the L.A. and Houston markets. 

Just to offer a little perspective for the misguided, "The NFL is dying" crowd, Sunday night's Falcons-Patriots game drew a 12.6 rating. Game 1 of the World Series did a 10.2. 

2. Life comes at you fast, even if you're a postseason hero and playing in the World Series.

3. I don't like doing this and it actually pains me, but I must call out one my heroes, Jerry Seinfeld. Jerry, who is supposed to be a die-hard Mets fan, made his Seinfeld character a Yankees fan. He's explained over the years, that the Mets were terrible at the time and the Yankees, thanks to George Steinbrenner, provided more opportunities for comedy. OK, fine. But last night, there was Jerry in Dodgers Stadium, rooting like crazy for L.A. Come on, Jerry. You can't do that. You can only have one favorite team. You can't cheer for multiple teams. It's a rule that's actually in the sports fans handbook. 


4. Speaking of Seinfeld, several New Jersey Devils players paid tribute to the great Puddy yesterday with these outstanding T-shirts.

5. Dwyane Wade and Kevin Love don't have a special high-five routine yet. They just have a very basic, simple handshake. Based on this video from last night, I think they should forget coming up with a routine and stick to the handshake. It works.

Sadly, it seems the duo will try to come up with something more intricate than a regular handshake.

6. Ladies and gentlemen, the New York Knicks.

7. Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall dressed up as teammate Von Miller for a Halloween party and paid extra attention to detail with his costume, even making sure he paid homage to Miller's alleged sex tape.

8. RANDOM WRESTLING VIDEO OF THE DAY: I'm in the middle of Something to Wrestle With's Doink the Clown episode and they spent a good amount of time on this angle between Doink and Crush. This was vintage early '90s WWF.


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BONUS ITEM: The Dodgers are going to win again tonight.