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Traina Thoughts: Cleveland Talk-Show Host Finds Out Live On The Air About Latest Browns LOL

Watch Bruce Drennan struggle to understand the latest Browns debacle.

1. What can you say other than: The Cleveland Browns? The No. 1 laughingstock franchise in all of sports even topped themselves on Tuesday when they made a (bad) trade for Bengals quarterback AJ McCarron, but didn't submit the papers to the NFL in time to beat the deadline. The trade didn't happen and the world once again had a great laugh at the Browns' expense.

The highlight of the day for me was Cleveland sports-talk host Bruce Drennan finding out about the debacle live while on the air. In the first clip below, Drennan gets the news and slowly builds and builds up to disbelief. He literally didn't know what to say.

Drennan, though, composed himself and then the disgust hit.

2. Here's the story of a bettor who had $8 million on the Dodgers last night. It seems the guy is ready to push the envelope once again tonight. 

3. One guy who isn't impressed with the Dodgers yet is former manager, Tommy Lasorda. He told current skipper Dave Roberts he hasn't "done shit until he wins" tonight.

4. If you're curious about the walk-up songs each player has been using during the World Series, here's the list for the Dodgers and here's the list for the Astros, courtesy of iHeartRadio.

5. If anyone should be Superman for Halloween, it's Aaron Judge.


6. The Rock shared this video compilation of all the people who dressed up as him, in various incarnations, for Halloween.

7. Dave Grohl guest hosted Jimmy Kimmel Live as David Letterman last night and it was outstanding.

8. The New Day dressed as Brother Love, Jimmy Hart and Akeem for last night's SmackDown Live and it was awesome.

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BONUS ITEM: I said the Dodgers were the play last night. I'm sticking with them again tonight, even though the line (-160) keeps going up.