1. The Blake Griffin trade is the biggest thing going on in sports right now, but you guys know all the details on that, so I'm going to lead off with something that has nothing to do sports, just because it's so great. A Twitter user shared a story yesterday about once meeting Matthew Broderick and Broderick's friend. Twitter threads are rarely useful or interesting, but this one has a payoff. 

2. In yesterday's Traina Thoughts, I wrote about Tom Brady seeming more loose and confident since that ESPN article said this might be the end for the Patriots. It's time to compliment Brady once again. After abruptly ending his weekly interview with Boston's WEEI Monday because a host at the station, Alex Reimer, called his daughter "an annoying pissant," Brady handled the fallout with nothing but class. The future Hall of Famer said last night he did not want Reimer to lose his job and took a lot of heat off the host.

3. Here are a handful of the more fun and ridiculous props offered by 5Dimes.com on Super Bowl LII.

Length: Pink's National Anthem: +145
Length: shortest offensive scoring drive: -185

Pink goes airborne during Anthem: +492
Pink remains on ground/floor: -875

"Wardrobe Malfunction" said over 1 1/2 times: +560
"Wardrobe Malfunction" said under 1 1/2 times: -1080

Gisele Bundchen shown on TV over 1 1/2 times: +120
Gisele Bundchen shown on TV under 1 1/2 times: -160

Donovan McNabb SB 39 vomiting mentioned: +200
Donovan McNabb SB 39 vomiting not mentioned: -280

Rocky statue shown over 1 time: +155
Rocky statue shown under 1 time: -195

Janet Jackson mentioned over 1 1/2 times: +200
Janet Jackson mentioned under 1 1/2 times: -280

Al Michaels refers to game pointspread: +160
Does not reference pointspread of game: -210

Obviously, I love that last one (Here's Al Michaels talking point spreads on the most recent edition of "Off The Board"), but I think the biggest lock here is NBC showing Gisele more than 1 1/2 times for +120. It's amazing you're getting value with that wager.

4. The newest edition of "WWE 24" just released on the WWE Network goes behind the scenes of last year's WrestleMania. There are many amazing moments, but my favorite was seeing the fans mark out over the return of the Hardy Boys. It's almost impossible to pull off a surprise in wrestling these days, so when it happens, this is the reaction.

5. This will always be my top memory of Blake Griffin as a Clipper (*volume up for Kevin Harlan's play-by-play).

6. After "Monday Night Raw" went off the air last night, Massachusetts native, John Cena, led the Philadelphia crowd in a rendition of "Fly Eagles Fly." 

Cena's fiancé, Nikki Bella, is an Eagles fan, so she explained his traitorous actions.

7. Chris Long has tons of tattoos, so what's one more, right? The Eagles rush specialist says he will get a tat of linebacker coach, Ken Flajoe, if Philadelphia wins the Super Bowl.

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