Ross Jirgl, who finished his first campaign as Stanford football’s sports performance coach this past season, crashed 'The Bachelor' in Peru to reconcile with his ex-girlfriend.

By Max Meyer
February 26, 2018

It seems fitting that a Stanford football coach committed a Cardinal sin on ‘The Bachelor.’

Ross Jirgl, who finished his first campaign as a sports performance coach on the Stanford staff this past season, crashed the scene in Peru on a mission to find his ex-girlfriend Becca Kufrin. Becca is one of the final three women remaining on Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season of ‘The Bachelor.’

Becca revealed earlier in the episode that she broke off a seven-year relationship with Ross before she came onto the show. 

After Becca spent her first overnight date with Arie in the Fantasy Suite, ‘Bachelor’ producers unleashed a hurricane of chaos by bringing her ex onto the set.

Ross first approaches Arie to profess his love for Becca and argue he’s the one who should get to propose to her. The tension rises (damn those producers are good) when he then knocks on Becca’s door. All the color quickly rushes from her face when she opens it.

The reunion gets off to a rocky start, and goes further south when Becca accuses him of living his life like he was in a movie, specifically ‘The Notebook.’

In the end, Becca rejects her ex and he emotionally walks away after his last-ditch effort failed.

While Ross didn't find love on 'The Bachelor,' Bryce Love returning to Stanford for his senior year seems like a solid consolation prize. 

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