1. The WWE's Rowdy Ronda Rousey experiment has been pretty damn lousy—at least when it comes to TV ratings.

After making her debut at the Royal Rumble on Jan. 29, Rousey did not appear on Monday Night Raw until Feb. 26. She appeared in the third hour of the show to establish her feud with Stephanie McMahon and HHH, which set up  a tag team match at WrestleMania with Kurt Angle as Rousey's partner. The hourly ratings for that edition of were:

8 pm: 3.407 million viewers
9 pm: 3.249
10 pm: 2.884

As you can see, people did not switch over to Raw to see her close out the show. This past week, the WWE kicked off Raw with the Rousey/McMahon/HHH/Angle angle. The hourly ratings were as follows:

8 pm: 3.30
9 pm: 3.27
10 pm: 2.73

As you can see, more people watched the first hour of Raw that did not include Rousey in those two weeks. 

It might not have helped that Rousey was widely mocked for her acting and mic skills during her segment the week before. I think the bigger issue is that she lost her last two UFC fights and that killed any and all buzz she once had and the general interest in her just isn't there.

Nobody seems to know what the WWE is paying Rousey and it's still a little early to call her WWE a run a complete bust, but clearly the WWE had bigger expectations in terms of ratings and buzz for the former UFC fighter. If I was the WWE, I'd quickly change course on the Rousey/Stephanie/HHH/Angle storyline, take the focus off Rousey and make it about Stephanie and Angle once having a romantic connection—an angle that was once a big hit with loyal WWE fans and was then quickly dropped with with no conclusion for no apparent reason.

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2. Tom Brady opens up about losing the Super Bowl on an upcoming edition of his Facebook show and it's quiet dramatic and over the top.

3. What a day for Blackhawks star Jonathan Toews. He spent Tuesday afternoon granting a Make-A-Wish and then later in the night scored the game-winning goal against the Avalanche.

4. Eli Manning keeps it classy. Via Reddit, a Giants fan invited the QB to his upcoming wedding and while Eli is not attending, he did mail back his RSVP.

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 11.01.27 AM.png

5. If you missed it yesterday, I did a very fun Q&A with CBS broadcasters, Bill Raftery and Ian Eagle. If you haven't seen Raftery's reason for not being on Twitter, you absolutely must.

6After fighting with David Dennison on Twitter, Jimmy Kimmel brought us another edition of Mean Tweets last night.

7. Speaking of David Dennison, here was a truly great live TV moment.

8. RANDOM WRESTLING VIDEO OF THE DAY: Since I mentioned the old Kurt Angle/Stephanie McMahon/HHH love triangle in the lead item, let's reminisce.

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