Thursday’s Hot Clicks: David Puddy Supports the Team

“I painted my face.”
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Well, you gotta support your team

Down 2–1 in their first-round series against the Lightning, the Devils knew they had to do something to get the crowd going for last night’s game. That’s where Patrick Warburton—aka David Puddy—comes in. 

I always assume the actors who had bit parts in a sitcom 20 years ago are sick of the Seinfeld references, but Warburton totally leaned into his role. He looked legitimately hyped to be there. 

The Devs lost, though, and are now down 3–1 in the series. 

This is why you can never bet against the Cavs

The Cavs were utterly embarrassed in their Game 1 loss to the Pacers, which means you could have guaranteed LeBron would come out and light it up in Game 2. He had 46 points, 12 rebounds and five assists in a hard-fought victory over Indiana.

This Cavs team is objectively not that great—certainly far inferior to last year’s Eastern Conference championship squad—but LeBron is such a dominant force that they can win any game. 

Tumbleweeds aren’t just in cartoons

A town in Southern California has been totally overrun by tumbleweeds. That may sound harmless, but it’s not. 

These aren’t just whimsical little plant skeletons that make your street look like a John Wayne movie. The Los Angeles Times says they “bunch up together to form big prickly boulders that block doors and garages.” The fire department has had to go out and clear the tumbleweeds away so people can get into their houses


Start your day off by giggling like an idiot at these unintentional sexual innuendos in NFL draft scout reports. 

Bits & Pieces

Curt Schilling got a massive Jesus tattoo on his arm ... Gronk is officially an investor in the racehorse named after him ... Guy Fieri admitted he doesn’t actually like everything he eats on Diners, Drive-ins & Dives ... A train carrying millions of pounds of human waste has been stuck in a small Alabama town, preventing the people from spending any time outside ... The expansion Golden Knights are now betting co-favorites to win the Stanley Cup

Makes u think

(Love reportedly has a partially torn thumb ligament but Tyronn Lue says he’ll be good to go in Game 3.)

Old school cool

The Thunder lost because Russell Westbrook was worried about his lounge singing gig later that night

It was 39 degrees in Detroit yesterday

This video is 11 years old but I just saw it now

Remember that music video with the treadmills from 2006? These kids recreated it perfectly for a high school talent show. 

Couldn’t be me

A Good Song

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