Sports Twitter Had a Field Day With the 'Laurel Or Yanny' Debate

Is it Yanny or Laurel? Sports Twitter weighs in on the latest Internet debate.
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If you've been on the Internet at all over the last few days, you've surely come across the latest viral sensation that's divided the nation: this tweet, featuring a robotic voice that says some word.

What word is it?

We have no idea, and the Detroit Tigers have no idea.

Naturally, people on Twitter have thoughts about this new debate, so we scoured the depths of Sports Twitter to bring you the highlights. Enjoy.

Carolina Panthers

Arizona Diamondbacks

Maryland Women's Lacrosse

WWE (ft. The Rock)

Baseball Hall of Fame

NFL Films

Toronto Blue Jays

Kansas City Chiefs

NBC Sports Cubs

MLB The Show

Ottawa Redblacks

Wednesday’s Hot Clicks: Yanny vs. Laurel Is the New Debate Tearing Us Apart

Ryan Switzer

NBC Sports Bulls 

James Duthie

Colorado Rockies

Philadelphia 76ers

NBC Sports Celtics

USA Water Polo

Jemele Hill

Ben Verlander


Sports Illustrated

Clearly it's up for debate, so you decide whether it's Laurel or Yanny, or just a complete waste of time.