1. The Maui Invitational comes to a close Wednesday, but Bill Walton has already claimed the MVP award. The legendary ESPN analyst was in his typical form the past few days calling the action. And by "calling the action," we mean saying bizarre, metaphysical, outrageous stuff on a regular basis. Let's recap.

• He's given an educational lecture on Hawaiian flowers.

• He's told us about his breeding habits.

• He's been a ball buster to his play-by-play man Jason Benetti

• He's dropped deep philosophy on thinking.

It hasn't just been the noteworthy commentary, either. Walton has given us this:

And this:

On this Thanksgiving Eve, we should all be thankful we're treated to Bill Walton's antics throughout the college basketball season.

2. The newest SI Media Podcast features an interview with the The Athletic's Stewart Mandel, who is the site's Editor-in-Chief of college football coverage. Stew, who also writes for the site, talks about the business of sports media and what it's like to work for a pay-subsciption website. In addition to discussing the current state of sports media, we touched on the College Football Playoff and the dilemma for Central Florida. The end of the podcast closes with us reminiscing about Stew's days at SI.com and his "Mailbag Crush" feature, which led to him once exchanging MySpace messages with The Office's Jenna Fischer. You can listen to the podcast below or download it on iTunes.

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3. With the Patriots visiting the Jets on Sunday, the New York Daily News decided to troll Rob Gronkowski today with this backpage.

4. Aaron Rodgers is donating $1 million to the California wildfire relief efforts. On top of that, $1 will be donated for every retweet with the hashtag #retweet4good.

5. The WWE just released this compilation of the most absurd moments in WCW history and it's something else. 

6. I'll take "Tweets you'd never see if the fake exhibition golf match was airing on ESPN instead of Turner Sports for $500, Alex."


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