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Just Watching This Hang Gliding Accident Video Will Make Your Hands Sweat Profusely

The man hung on so long he tore his biceps. 

Let’s get this out of the way right from the jump: The man in this video is alive and well. Still, this is probably not how he wanted his first hang gliding experience to go. 

Chris Gursky, a Florida auto-parts manager and photographer, posted the footage of his harrowing hang gliding trip in the Swiss mountains on YouTube. Even though the video makes it clear from the beginning that Gursky survived the ordeal, watching is still a hair-raising experience. 

Gursky and the pilot took off from a mountain some 4,000 feet in the air for what was supposed to be a scenic and leisurely flight over a beautiful landscape. But the pilot somehow forgot to strap Gursky’s harness to the glider, leaving him literally hanging on for his life as the pilot scrambled to get him back on solid ground. 

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Though he lived to tell the tale, Gursky wasn’t exactly all in one piece when he touched back down. He tore his biceps from hanging on so long (two minutes and 14 seconds, to be exact) and also suffered a fractured wrist in the rough landing. 


Most people wouldn’t get anywhere near a hang glider after that but Gursky says he’s going to give it another shot “as I did not get to enjoy my first flight.”