Tuesday’s Hot Clicks: 90-Year-Old American Cyclist Stripped of World Record After Failing Steroid Test

No, he didn’t exactly get busted for doping. 
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No, this old guy didn’t really get busted for doping

A 90-year-old cyclist was stripped of his world record after failing a drug test for steroids, but it’s not exactly another instance of cycling being the world’s dirtiest sport.

Carl Grove, of Bristol, Indiana, won the 2-km individual pursuit sprint at the Masters National Championship in July with a time blazing time of 3:06.129, good enough not only to win the 90–94 age group but also set a world record. He was only roughly seven seconds slower than the guy who won the 75–79 age group.   

But the record was wiped out after Grove failed a drug test for epitrenbolone, a metabolite of trenbolone, an anabolic steroid. (UPDATE: Grove was only tested in the first place because he set a record.)

Grove wasn’t trying to cheat, though. USADA says it’s “more likely than not” that the positive test was caused by some contaminated meat grove ate for dinner the night before the race. The sample that produced the positive test was collected after Grove’s race on July 11. He had previously produced a clean sample on July 10, so whatever caused Grove to get popped had been consumed between then. 

Consumption of contaminated meat is a pretty common excuse for athletes who get caught doping, but I’m inclined to believe Grove. 

Grove won’t face serious repercussions, luckily. He has only been issued a public warning. As for the world record, I guess he’ll have to go out and break it again this year. 

Now Alabama knows how it feels

Clemson didn’t just win the national championship over Alabama, the Tigers whooped the Tide in a 44–16 blowout to win their second title in four years. It was a rare instance of Nick Saban looking like he got out-coached, especially in the case of this horrible fake field goal. 

Clemson got outstanding performances from everyone on the field. The defensive line was unstoppable, 19-year-old true freshman Trevor Lawrence looked like he’d be a first-round pick in this year’s NFL draft if he wasn’t required to play two more seasons in college and the same goes for true freshman receiver Justyn Ross, who made both of these stunning catches on a single drive.

And the Tigers had so much more fun celebrating their win than Bama would have. Dabo Swinney’s postgame interview was a sight to behold and standout Clemson defensive end Clelin Ferrel made a recruiting pitch on the podium inspired by Suge Knight at the 1995 Source Awards

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