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Twenty years later, "Varsity Blues" starring James Van Der Beek, holds up.

By Jimmy Traina
January 15, 2019

1. Varsity Blues is the greatest football movie of all time, with Remember the Titans a close second. Before you fire off your angry tweet to be about Rudy, save it. Yes, Rudy is based on a true story, but it's still your typical, formulaic sappy underdog story. No tweet you send me will change my opinion.

Now let's get back to the GOAT. Varsity Blues hit theaters on this date 20 years ago and James Van Der Beek brought Jonathan Moxon into our lives and delivered one of the great lines in movie history.

Yes, Mox was an underdog like Rudy, but Mox was a rebel who wasn't afraid of his piece-of-garbage head coach.

The movie also gave us Billy Bob, who won over our hearts.

Jon Voight did a magnificent job playing the detestable Coach Kilmer. 

And Ali Larter became synonymous with whipped cream forever.

Not only were Voight and Van Der Beek outstanding, but Varsity Blues also led to some fantastic moments in another criminally underrated film, Not Another Teen Movie.

All of this adds up to Varsity Blues being the No. 1 football movie of all time. 

2. Cold-blooded performance by Nets fans Monday night, who chanted "KYRIE'S LEAVING," while Brooklyn beat Boston, 109-102. Irving is a free-agent after this season.

3. Poor Cody Parkey can't do anything right. His head coach Matt Nagy was not pleased that the kicker appeared on Today for an interview a few days after missing a game-winning field goal against the Eagles in the wild-card playoff game.

4. Even if you hate the Patriots, you have to admit this is pretty amazing work.

5. I stand by this statement. (Also, my colleague, Dan Gartland has full Adam Gase Crazy Eyes coverage in today's Hot Clicks and it's wonderful.)

6. The latest SI Media Podcast features interviews with Joe Buck and Jim Ross.

Buck talks about mispronouncing Mark-Paul Gosselaar's name last week, his philosophy on criticizing officials, why he thinks this was Troy Aikman's best year in the booth, what it was like to call two NFL games each week thanks to Thursday Night Football, his all-time best call and whether he'll continue to call both MLB and NFL in the future.

Ross joins the podcast at the 45-minute mark to share stories and memories of the late, great Mean Gene Okerlund and talk about the differences in wrestling announcers from the '80s and today.

You can listen to the podcast below or download it on iTunes.

7. RANDOM YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THE DAY: Coming to America is getting a sequel and I just hope we get more of Akeem talking football.

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IN CLOSING: It's amazing that people don't realize the only reason the former host of the The Apprentice pulled the fast food stunt with Clemson football is so he can brag about paying for the grub out of his own pocket.

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