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Tuesday’s Hot Clicks: Adam Gase Says He Doesn’t Even Know What a Meme Is

The new Jets coach became an instant meme on Monday, but don’t ask him about it. 

Adam Gase’s first meeting with the New York media went well

Jets fans have been through a lot, but you have to think they feel at ease now that their head coach was introduced while he was definitely not under the influence of psychedelic mushrooms.

Adam Gase showed up looking like he’d just received an IV full of Red Bull, which turned the typically boring introductory press conference into a fascinating spectacle.

His buggy eyes immediately became a widespread meme, but don’t ask Gase what his favorite meme was. He’s too serious of a Football Man to know what’s happening on the internet.

“Your eyes are the thing now, it’s become a meme,” ESPN Radio’s Michael Kay told Gase.

“I don’t even know what that is,” Gase replied dismissively.

“Alright, so, I’ll just let you know: I don’t have Twitter,” Gase continued. “I don’t have Instagram. I don’t look at the internet. I don’t really watch TV. I watch movies. That’s it.”

So Gase isn’t really crazy, he’s just that weird football-poisoned kind of crazy. He’s doing that “I don’t have time for social media” thing that Bill Belichick and other coaches do, but without any of the self-awareness.

Adam Gase’s response to Kay is just another example of his tendency to get testy with the media, like these clips from earlier this season.

The New York tabloids are going to have an absolutely field day with this guy if he keeps treating the media like that. This New York Post cover is just the beginning.


Here’s a thing that happened


Yes, President Trump really served the Clemson football team fast food on silver platters beneath gold candelabras and a portrait of Abraham Lincoln.

If you listen closely in this video you can hear one player say he thought the president was joking earlier about the drive-thru spread.

The whole thing actually went over really well with the Clemson players, though.

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