1. Steve Carell will be part of Super Bowl Sunday thanks to Pepsi's "More Than OK" TV commercial that will air during the Rams-Patriots game.

Carell spoke to SI exclusively about the spot, The Office and more on the latest SI Media Podcast.

When I asked Carell if he's playing himself or a character in the Pepsi Super Bowl commercial, which you can watch below, he said, "I guess I am playing myself, at least a version of myself. It’s weird, too. I think this goes for a lot of actors. When you see them on a talk show or when they're portraying themselves in a commercial, I think it’s always a version of who they are. It’s not exactly who they are. I am much, much less interesting than my public version of myself."

Carell also shared his thoughts on a few Office episodes, including "Stress Relief", "Casino Night" and "Basketball". Here's a story he shared about that Season 1 episode where the office battled the warehouse crew on the court:

"Between takes, Brian Baumgartner was just shooting baskets over on the side, and he wasn't even in the game. He's an excellent, excellent athlete in real life. He was just sinking these 3-pointers, like, one right after another. I went over to one of our cameramen and I said, 'Just film this. Just turn the camera on. Don't let him know that you're shooting it.' They filmed him sinking one after another after another and they actually put it in the show because it was just so ironic. Really, the best player on both teams wasn't even on the court and someone that you wouldn’t necessarily think was going to be a dominant force in the game. Brian is a great, great athlete. It was just a fun Easter egg, a fun find as we were shooting it."

You can listen to the full interview with Carell below or download it on iTunes.

2. It was weird enough ESPN had its marquee broadcast crew call a fake game that players don't even want to be bothered with Sunday, but for Jason Witten to say Eric Ebron was Patrick Mahomes's guy all season is just mind-boggling.

Oh, and then Witten broke the Pro Bowl trophy, which was funny because a) who knew they handed out trophies for exhibtion games and b) Jason Witten broke the Pro Bowl trophy.

3. Here's your latest NFC title game conspiracy theory.

4. If you've ever bought a lottery ticket in your life, you will enjoy this 60 Minutes segment that aired Sunday night with my colleague Jon Wertheim. A retired Michigan couple basically figured out the cheat code for winning on the daily numbers. You can watch the full segment here.

5. This is such a terrible, paranoid look for the WWE. Based on this video, it appears the company makes fans change their shirt if the shirt promotes a different wrestling organization.

6. Great stuff here over the weekend in case you missed it. Roman Reigns will join his cousin, The Rock, in the upcoming Hobbs and Shaw movie, but more importantly, it looks like the WWE superstar is doing very well as he battles leukemia.

7. RANDOM YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THE DAY: In addition to Carell, this week's SI Media Podcast features an outstanding interview with the legendary Brent Musburger, (LISTEN HERE) who had harsh words for CBS's no-betting talk policy during the Super Bowl, the scene in Vegas and prop bets. In honor of that, let's remember the time Brent interviewed Eminem and so much awkwardness ensued.

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