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Friday’s Hot Clicks: Delon Wright Wore a Suit Straight Out of the 2003 Draft

It was straight out of the NBA’s fashion dark days. 

Throwback Thursday

NBA players have the best fashion sense in sports, which is why the pregame arrival has become such a big event. Despite the bitter cold in Toronto last night, Raptors players still pulled out all the stops. Danny Green wore a nice sweater, Kawhi Leonard wore a slick track suit, O.G. Anunoby had a stylish jacket and Delon Wright wore...


My god, that’s straight out of the NBA’s fashion dark days. It somehow looks even worse in motion. 

The obvious comparison here is to Steve Harvey, or the early 2000s NBA drafts. 

But what I really want to know is where Wright got the suit from. Did he go to a Toronto thrift store and manage to find a suit that’s somehow too big for a guy who’s 6'5"? 

I’m reasonably certain that he borrowed it from his older brother, Dorell, a former NBA player. Dorell is four inches taller than Delon, and played in an era where everyone in the league dressed like the world’s worst used car salesman. Here’s a photo of Dorell with teammate Dwyane Wade at Shaq’s birthday party in 2005.


He also found Delon’s outfit utterly hilarious. 

Here’s hoping Dorell has more horrendous outfits Delon can borrow. 

What are the Knicks doing?

Our subheadline style defaults to all caps but I would have put that one in all caps for effect if I could. 

The Knicks just traded Kristaps Porzingis, their best player—the best player they’ve drafted since Patrick Ewing—in what amounts to little more than a salary dump

I’m ostensibly a Knicks fan, so my thoughts on this are extremely complicated. It’s a bummer to see such a unique player leave, but I’m a little relieved I don’t have to care about the Knicks for a few years. I guess Joel Embiid sums up how I’m feeling. 

Kristaps knew this was coming

Check out the timestamp on this tweet. 

Then check out this interaction from Wednesday night’s Knicks game between Porzingis and Luka Doncic. 

And things got even weirder when Porzingis posted this on Instagram late last night.

I have one reason for posting this

The Spurs really need to hire a better exterminator, because last night’s game was interrupted by a bat. This sort of thing happens all the time in San Antonio, for whatever reason. 

The best of SI

The story of how a cow becomes a football has more steps than you’d expect. ... Do players actually sleep the night before the Super Bowl? Sometimes. ... Mizzou got busted for academic fraud but was punished more harshly than other schools who did similar things

Around the sports world

Ten years ago, tens of thousands of people watching the Super Bowl saw porn instead. This is how it happened. ... A Georgia businessman is accused of running a Super Bowl ticket scam that earned him over $750,000. ... Golfer Matt Kuchar made a funny joke at Bryson DeChambeau’s expense.

Oh... OK

For anybody making a prop bet this weekend

Video game moves IRL

I approve of these A’s hats

LeBron was LeBron after missing five weeks with an injury

Some Super Bowl food deals


If you’re looking for supplies for your Super Bowl party, here are a few deals from a variety of restaurants. 

• At Wing Zone you can get 50 wings (plus chips or fries) for $49, 75 wings (plus chips or fries) for $65 or 100 wings (plus two orders of chips or fries) for $95.

• If you order a “Pick 2” from Toppers Pizza for $9.99, you’re entered to win a chance for free pizza for a year.

Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque’s Super Bowl pack is one pound of brisket, one pound of pulled pork, a rack of ribs, two larges sides, pickles and barbecue sauce for $85.

Buffalo Wings & Rings has a Super Bowl package for 10 people that includes 50 wings, two party-sized starters and dips and you get to keep the insulated tote bag when you carry out. The bag also includes coupons. 

• If you preorder your wings from Wingstop (between now and Sunday) you’ll get a coupon for five free wings next week. 

Not sports

An Albuquerque man keeps leaving urine-soaked bologna on a woman’s stoop. ... A guy in Florida did donuts on an airport runway. ... Cops in Jamaica pulled over Meek Mill just so they could snap a photo

A day in the life of a Roman soldier

Abbi and Ilana do “Hot Ones”

Conan tours a brewery

A good song

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