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Only the most deranged Lakers fans believe this, but it’s a clever chant.

By Dan Gartland
February 13, 2019

Only the most deranged Lakers fans believe this, but it’s a clever chant

Every Lakers fan was happy when their team signed LeBron James, except a small contingent of truly demented Kobe Bryant acolytes. Murals featuring LeBron in purple and gold were repeatedly vandalized. These are the people who were apoplectic that LeBron had replaced Kobe as the guy whose greatness we compare to Michael Jordan’s, and now he was on Kobe’s old team. 

Kobe disciples are easily the most irrational fans in sports, so nothing short of five rings in L.A. will lift LeBron above him in their eyes. That’s what makes this chant Hawks fans serenaded LeBron with last night in Atlanta so devastating.

The Lakers ended up losing the game, 117–113, as LeBron went a very Kobe-like 8–20 from the field and 3–10 from three. He did, however, record a very un-Kobe 16 assists. 

Look who switched bandwagons!

Noted racist and inventor of pizza purveyor Papa John's John Schnatter was unceremoniously cast aside this summer by both the lousy pizza company that bears his name and the University of Louisville after he used the N-word on a conference call. He resigned from the board of the company and had his name stripped from Louisville’s football stadium and business school. 

How mad is he at Louisville over that? Apparently mad enough that he showed up to last night’s LSU vs. Kentucky game in a blue UK polo. On a night when he could have gone to Louisville and seen the Cardinals play No. 2 Duke. Instead he saw his beloved(?) Wildcats lose...

...like this

Here’s how that ended. It sure looks like the basket should have been waved off for offensive goaltending, since the ball was still above the basket. But the call stood and the Tigers won. 

Or he could have seen Louisville lose like this

Louisville led Duke by 23 with under 10 minutes to play and the Blue Devils managed to come storming back and end the game on a 35–10 run to come away with the victory. 

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