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This weekend's Hot Clicks features the latest on the Robert Kraft scandal, Iowa's insane game-winning three-point barrage, and Lucky Charms-tasting beer. 

By Andrew Doughty
February 23, 2019

Robert Kenneth Kraft

There’s a lot to unpack with the Robert Kraft solicitation story: First and foremost, as Michael Rosenberg explains perfectly, this isn’t a laughing matter ... SI legal analyst Michael McCann breaks down his potential defenses and how the NFL might respond ... ICYMI, Adam Schefter dropped a bomb on Friday afternoon, saying Kraft "is not the biggest name involve" in the sting.


The 2019 Academy Awards begin at 8 p.m. ET on Sunday (on ABC). Here’s how to watch on TV and online. This Harvard grad predicts winners with near-perfect accuracy. The 10 worst Oscar Best Picture winners ranked... do you agree?

Jordan Bohannon

Iowa’s junior guard crushed Indiana’s NIT dreams with a three-point barrage. He had five points in the game’s first 39 minutes and 33 seconds. He finished with 17.

There’s a line

And this brewery in Norfolk, Va., might be crossing it with a "magically delicious" beer. The Lucky Charms-tasting beer (called Saturday Morning IPA) is made by tossing "pounds of marshmallows" with tropical fruity hops.

Super 70s Sports

Ricky Cobb is the man behind one of the best Twitter accounts, Super 70s Sports. He chatted with Chris Boghossian of the Chicago Tribune about an account that started as a way "to amuse" himself.

Hannah Ferguson

Sounds like Michael’s lease offer to Dwight

This is normal

Yea or nay?

Odds and Ends

I missed this a couple weeks ago: South Korean golfer has the craziest swing ever ... 17 candidates to replace Tim Miles if he’s actually fired ... The worst high-major basketball team of this century ... Jeremy Lin said it "kinda sucks" being the only Asian player in the NBA ... College lacrosse player remains sidelined because they can't find a helmet to fit his enormous head ... The Pac-12 is in shambles (at least in men’s basketball and football).

Dan Hawkins

On this week’s podcast: Dan Hawkins talked about his firing at Colorado, his issues with the hiring and firing process in college football and more.


Woody and Costner chasing Bonnie and Clyde? Sign. Me. Up.

Happy 34th Anny Bobby!

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