Weekend Hot Clicks: How Far Can 2019's NFL Combine Punters Kick a ... Burrito?

... Or a helium inflated balloon and a loaf of bread?
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Plan B

Robert Brandel had an air-tight plan to defraud people in his Super Bowl squares pool. The western New York man entered fake names in the $50,000 pool, hoping to take most of the winnings. Instead, he ended up short for the payouts and was forced to pay up. And instead of paying up, he opted for Plan B.

How far can you punt a burrito?

SB Nation’s Alex Kirshner is asking the right questions at the NFL Combine. Only three punters were invited to Indianapolis. Alex asked each of the three how far they could punt 14 different objects, among them a burrito, helium-inflated balloon and a loaf of bread. Each punter ranked the 14 objects.

Hot Seat Predictions

Twenty-eight college basketball programs will have a new head coach after the season. Predictions for all 28 changes, including who will replace each of the fired (or departed) head coaches.Shaka Smart didn’t make the list, in part because of a gigantic buyout.

Larry Baer

San Francisco Giants CEO Larry Baer was caught on video having an altercation with wife in a very public place. He issued a statement, saying, among other things, "It was a squabble over a cell phone."

"Road rage in progress."

The Lawrence (KS) Police Department continues to dominate Twitter. Last week, they tweeted a thread of the "most ridiculous call of 2019 (so far)". Chad and Karen are probably still sitting in the parking lot.

Gigi Hadid

You’re kidding, right?

Hard pass

Did he...flop?

Did he flop when he felt his teammate? Or did the teammate thrown him off? I hope it’s the latter.

Odds and Ends

Randy Johnson sold his unbelievable Arizona mansion ... Steven Spielberg is fussy with Netflix films ... ICYMI: Antonio Brown continued to crush Big Ben ... The Patriots’ character coach left the team after learning of Robert Kraft’s solicitation charges ... People are starting to believe "almost universally" that Kyler Murray will be the No. 1 pick ... The Phillies are gonna go after Mike Trout, too.


On this week’s podcast: Mel Kiper, Mitch Light and Daniel Parlegreco for some college football and NFL Draft talk, including Kiper’s love for Josh Allen.


I heard good things about Paddleton, the Netflix movie with Ray Romano. Those good things were true. It’s simple and slow but rock solid:

UK 1, UK 0

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