Kids will be kids. 

By Dan Gartland
July 19, 2019


Catching a visitor’s home run ball puts a fan in a tricky spot. On the one hand, you just secured a once-in-a-lifetime souvenir and you’d like to keep it. On the other hand, every one sitting around you wants you to throw it back.

One kid in Anaheim made the latter choice after an Alex Bregman blast and all his father could do was watch. 

The look on the dad’s face is priceless. He can’t believe what his kid just did after he made a spectacular grab to give him a rare souvenir. And Bregman is one of the good guys! He’s wearing the same shirt as you! It would be slightly more forgiveable if he threw back an Angels homer instead of one from a player you’re actually rooting for. 

Luckily, the kid’s arm wasn’t powerful enough to launch the ball all the way back onto the field and so Angels security was able to reunite him with the ball. That, along with the fact that MLB shared the video, makes the moment that much more memorable. 

More evidence everyone in sports should wear mics all the time

There might not be a more entertaining baseball clip all season than this video of Aaron Boone getting his money’s worth after being ejected. 

Brett Gardner banging on the roof of the dugout would have been the highlight if not for Boone’s slew of memorable quotes. It’s the best manager-umpire conversation caught on a hot mic since “our ass is in the jackpot.”

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A good song

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