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ESPN is thrilled with Tim Tebow today. Many media members, including some colleagues at the World Wide Leader, are not.

Tebow went on the network's daily hot-take factory show known as First Take and gave the show the attention it craves when he unleashed a rant about a California bill that would allow college athletes to profit from endorsements.

The former Florida Gators quarterback is vehemently against students making any money and this did not sit well with many folks in the media, and he was called out repeatedly on Twitter. There was even some good, old fashion ESPN-on-ESPN crime.

Many non-ESPN media members also took Tebow to task for his bizarre stance.

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In addition to media folks, Tebow also took a shot from Cowboys cornerback Jourdan Lewis and former NFL running back, Arian Foster.

Why do we get the feeling this is going to end up with Tebow getting many more appearances on First Take?