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LeBron James Proves Again He’s the Best Passer in the NBA

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Lakers' LeBron James passes to Danny Green

Best passer in the game, easily

The coolest thing about watching LeBron James over the past several years, as he advances into his mid-30s, has been watching him constantly evolve as a player. Most notably, in the past three seasons, he’s looked to pass the ball more. After only averaging more than 7.4 assists per game once in his first 12 seasons, LeBron put up averages of 8.7, 9.1 and 8.3 assists over the past three years. 

Lost in the highlight dunks, clutch shots and chase-down blocks is the fact that LeBron has always been a really slick passer. He understands the game so well and sees everything on the floor three steps before it happens. 

His incredible court vision and creativity was on full display in the Lakers’ preseason game against the Warriors on Wednesday night. On a fastbreak in the third quarter, LeBron initially went up for a contested layup but decided at the top of his jump to kick it—behind his head, without looking—to Danny Green in the corner for the open three. 

It looks even more ridiculous from this angle. 

That wasn’t even the only highlight reel assist LeBron had last night. Check out this mid-air touch pass to Dwight Howard for the alley-oop. 

The Lakers might not win the title, but at least we’ll get to see LeBron dropping dimes like that. 

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