Parachutist Claims He Didn’t Know He Was Landing Right in the Middle of a Soccer Game

In Wednesday’s Hot Clicks: A soccer game in Italy is disrupted by an airborne intruder, the Raptors’ two biggest fans get rings and more.
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A man in a parachute lands on the field during a Serie A soccer game in Italy.

Mapei Stadium, home of Italian soccer team Sassuolo, was built with an extremely unusual feature to make sure fans can’t get out on the field. Ringing the entire pitch is a water-filled moat deep enough that you can catch fish in it

The defenses are impenetrable. But what if the invader comes not from the stands but from above?

Sunday’s game between Sassuolo and Inter Milan was delayed briefly because a man wearing a parachute glided down onto the field right as Romelu Lukaku prepared to take a penalty for Inter. The man was whisked off the field by security and the game was able to continue. 

Now we know a little bit more about the man and why he decided to land in a stadium full of more than 20,000 people. 

Italy’s ANSA news agency reported Tuesday that the man is a 36-year-old from Milan who took off from a nearby airport wearing a wingsuit. Police have begun pursuing charges against the man for violating Italy’s law against creating danger at sporting events

The man claims he experienced a minor problem while in the air and had no idea the patch of green he saw below him was a full stadium hosting a game in the nation’s highest soccer league. 

I’m no expert on jumping out of plans but I don’t think I believe him. The stadium is on the outskirts of town and surrounded by areas of farmland far bigger than the 23,000-square-foot soccer field. 

He went right to the showers but didn’t even work up a sweat

A goalkeeper in Turkey set a record for the fastest red card in league history on Monday when he caught the ball outside the box for no reason whatsoever. Thirteen seconds is all it took. If I didn’t know better I’d say he was trying to get sent off. 

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The Raptors’ cooler superfan got one too

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A good song

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