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At Shea Stadium on Sept. 9, 1969, a black cat ran in front of the Chicago Cubs’s dugout during their game against the Mets. In the weeks that followed, Chicago underwent a near-historic regular-season collapse while the Mets went on a World Series run.

Forty years later, the Cowboys are hoping that another black cat sighting during a game against a New York team doesn’t lead to a similar fate.

With 5:32 left to go in the second quarter of Monday night’s Giants-Cowboys game, a black cat ran onto the MetLife Stadium turf, scampering around the field, causing a brief delay. 

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New Jersey State troopers tried corralling the animal as players watched from the sidelines, before the cat finally ran down one of the stadium’s end zone tunnels.

The moment purr-duced a wave of reactions online.

And Kevin Harlan provided one of the best radio play-by-play calls fans might hear all year.

But will the black cat provide similar bad luck to the Cowboys on Monday night and beyond?

Dallas took a 13-12 lead into the halftime locker room, but the Giants proved to be a more than fur-midable foe.