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Reggie Bush Shares Behind-the-Scenes Footage of Drew Brees Alone on the Practice Field

In Tuesday’s Hot Clicks: A look into Drew Brees’s preparation, how awful it is to play for the Jaguars and more.

Drew Brees puts the work in

Drew Brees was simply unstoppable in the Saints’ rout over the Colts. Not only did he break Peyton Manning’s all-time NFL passing touchdown record, he did it while having easily the best game of any quarterback this season and one of the greatest passing performances ever. He threw for 307 yards and four touchdowns while connecting on 29 of his 30 pass attempts. That’s right, he had just one incomplete pass while averaging more than 10 yards per attempt. That’s the highest single-game completion percentage in NFL history. 

Here’s that one incompletion, a second-quarter dump-off that he rushed and threw just out of the reach of Latavius Murray.

Thanks to some behind-the-scenes footage posted by Brees’s former teammate Reggie Bush, we can get a sense of how Brees puts himself in a position to have a ridiculous game like that. 

Bush posted a video on Sunday of Brees all by himself on the practice field at the Saints’ facility, going through the motions and visualizing every play he wanted to make on Monday night. 

“Ain’t no shortcuts to greatness, man,” Bush said. “This is what it’s about right here. We’re about 40 minutes after practice and there’s only one man out here on this field.”

Brees is far from the only guy in the NFL who puts in extra work but it’s still awesome to see candid footage like this. Playing quarterback in the NFL is insanely difficult, especially four weeks shy of your 41st birthday, and sometimes it’s necessary to spent the better part of an hour visualizing your impending destruction of the opposing defense. Because of the time Brees spent on an empty field after Sunday’s walkthrough, he made Monday’s game look like he was playing on a field without a defense. 

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