Eagles Fan Crashes Doug Pederson’s Press Conference to Ask About Eli Manning

In Monday’s Hot Clicks: An Eagles fan wants to be a reporter, the Cowboys get stuck in Philly and more.
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Never change, Philly fans

Eagles coach Doug Pederson reacts after a fan crashes his press conference

Somebody on the Eagles’ security team is getting fired this morning after a random—and apparently quite drunk—guy was able to get into Doug Pederson’s press conference and even managed to ask the coach a question. 

A stunned Pederson called ”timeout” and asked, “Who is this? Is he credentialed?”

“Holy cow, this will be on SportsCenter,” Pederson quipped as the man was being removed.

It’s tough to hear in the video but the man said, “Doug, meeting Eli next weekend, what do you think?" according to NJ.com’s Zack Rosenblatt, one of the actual reporters in the room.

That’s barely a coherent thought (and Eli Manning probably won’t get the start for the Giants in the finale) but at least it was an open-ended question. 

The guy wasn’t the only fan who managed to weasel his way into the room for the presser. Another video shows a few more people in the back of the room wearing Eagles jerseys and bundled up like they weren’t sitting in the heated press box. Those were friends of the guy who tried to ask the question, according to Rosenblatt, and they were also removed from the room. 

Pederson is lucky the Eagles won the game to stay alive in the NFC East race, otherwise the guy might not have been so friendly. 

You can’t make this up

The Cowboys offense was grounded in Philadelphia in a must-win game, and then the team was literally grounded for hours as it attempted to head back to Dallas. 

A win over the Eagles would have clinched the NFC East championship for Dallas but the Cowboys managed just 311 yards of total offense and nine points. The team couldn’t even get off the ground after the final whistle, as the charter plane that was supposed to take them back to Dallas had a mechanical issue. 

The plane wasn’t fixed until after 10:30 p.m., about three hours after the game ended. And yet Jerry Jones didn’t use the extra time to fire Jason Garrett and leave him in Pennsylvania. 

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