Roughnecks WR Kahlil Lewis Explains On-Field XFL Vomiting Incident

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Houston Roughnecks WR Kahlil Lewis' solid XFL debut has been overlooked largely because of what happened on one particular play. 

Just plays into the game, seconds before the snap on a one-point conversion, the Roughnecks receiver was spotted vomiting during the FOX broadcast.

"Oh, my gosh, everybody keeps hitting me up about that," Lewis told ESPN's Sarah Barshop. "I ran down the field when Cam scored and I was screaming. I caught myself screaming too hard. I was like, 'Oh, calm down,' but it was already coming back up.

"So I was just trying to hold it in. That's why it all came out at once."

Lewis says he threw up after he chugged a whole bottle of Gatorade just before running down the field to celebrate with WR Cam Phillips, who hauled in a 50-yard touchdown pass.

"That is all. It wasn't nerves. None of that, out of shape," Lewis added. "Nothing everybody's been coming to me with; it's none of that at all."

Lewis' team would go on to defeat the Los Angeles Wildcats 37-17. Presumably Lewis will be more careful of how much Gatorade he drinks when his team battles the St. Louis Battlehawks this weekend.