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Triple H Cleverly Trolls Deontay Wilder During ‘WrestleMania 30’ Rerun

In Monday’s Hot Clicks: Triple H jabs Deontay Wilder, NASCAR finds a way to keep racing and more.

Well played, Hunter

I usually don’t like to lead this column by writing about just a single tweet, but look: There are no sports going on, and this is a really good tweet. 

ESPN is filling some of the gaps in its programming schedule over the next few Sundays by airing old WrestleManias, starting with WrestleMania 30. It’s a smart move for ESPN. The network gets to fill four hours of the schedule with well-liked, premade, eye-catching programming. WWE and ESPN have also been rumored to be in discussions to air new pay-per-views on ESPN+, so this is a way to whet the audience’s appetite for wrestling. 

If you’re trying to get people interested in current-day WWE, there’s no better place to start than with 2014’s WrestleMania 30. The show is most memorable for the match where Brock Lesnar snapped the Undertaker’s 21-match WrestleMania winning streak, a good John Cena–Bray Wyatt match and the crowning of lovable underdog Daniel Bryan as world heavyweight champion. 

The event also featured an all-time great entrance by Triple H before his show-opening match against Bryan. 

If it looks familiar, maybe you’re thinking of heavyweight boxer Deontay Wilder’s entrance before last month’s rematch against Tyson Fury. The music was different but Wilder’s costume was awfully similar. 

Wilder ended up losing that fight and said part of the reason was because the costume, which was made of steel and fitted with LED lights, weighed 45 pounds and made his legs weak by the time he got to the ring

Like Wilder, Triple H also lost his fight and he had a cheeky explanation for it during ESPN’s re-air. 

When I first saw Triple H’s tweet, I thought, “Wow, that’s a good reference to something that happened a long time ago.” But the Wilder fight was only a month ago! It’s impossible to keep track of time these days. It’s still a great reference, though. 

FS1 aired a simulated NASCAR race

With the NASCAR season on hold, Fox Sports got a whole bunch of drivers together to compete in a race on the iRacing simulator, which a lot of drivers already use to stay sharp. 

They raced at Homestead–Miami Speedway, which was supposed to be the site of Sunday’s race, and whole thing aired on FS1. It was received very well. 

The best of SI

A Kentucky high school had a chance to complete a rare undefeated championship season but now it looks like that won’t happen. ... Did you see the marble racing on “ESPN 8: The Ocho”? We have a whole article about that bizarre world. ... A new kind of coronavirus test could get sports leagues up and running again sooner

Around the sports world

Darius Slay is going to wear No. 24 with the Eagles as a tribute to Philly native Kobe Bryant. ... The IOC is still refusing to postpone the Olympics but has a plan in place when it becomes necessary. ... The Patriots are bringing back Brian Hoyer yet again.

Freddie Freeman’s kid is going high and tight next time

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Gotta risk infection to get those trash jumpers up

Australian rugby highlights are what we have to settle for now

Big mood

Really great stuff from Northern Iowa great Ali Faroukmanesh 

It’s in the game

The medicine ball is 18 pounds and the guy weighs only 140

Not sports

The hot new thing for home cooks is this creamy, pudding-like coffee called dalogna. ... Some mad scientist put the body of a 1960 Rolls Royce on an Isuzu chassis.

Actually, maybe this is sports?

Italian mayors have had it up to here

Nightmare fuel

A good song

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