Michael Jordan’s Daughter Needed to Use Google to Figure Out Why Her Dad Was Such a Big Deal

In Friday’s Hot Clicks: Michael Jordan’s daughter had no idea what the big deal was about her dad, Jeremy Lin’s hilarious Kobe story and more.
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He’s kind of a big deal

I don’t know how I came to learn about how great Michael Jordan was. I was not even six during MJ’s final year with the Bulls. I vaguely remember him coming out of retirement to join the Wizards and people on SportsCenter making a big deal out of it, so it seemed like something I should care about. 

Jordan’s daughter Jasmine is roughly my age and, despite being Michael Jordan’s daughter, also didn’t really get why people were so obsessed with her dad. 

Jasmine told the Associated Press that when she was a kid, she had to resort to using Google to see what all the fuss was about. 

“When I was a child, and growing up during the time, I didn't really understand what was happening because I was so young, and it just didn't really resonate with me until I got older,” Jasmine said. “I laugh because I actually Googled my dad at one point just to figure it out. I was like, why is everyone so intrigued by you, you're just dad, you're not that cool. But lo and behold, he was kind of a big deal. So it's definitely been something that's been eye-opening.”

Jasmine was born on Dec. 7, 1992, which would make her five-and-a-half at the time of Jordan’s last championship and 10 years old when he played his final NBA game. Nobody understands what their father does for a living at that age, even if they’re the greatest of all time. 

Jordan and Jasmine’s mother, Juanita, divorced in 2006. Jordan’s second wife, Yvette Prieto, gave birth to twin girls in February 2014. Maybe Jasmine can clue them in on why their dad is so famous before they have to turn to Google. 

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