Stephen A. Smith on NBA Players Going Without Recreational Activities in Orlando: 'They're Gonna Violate the Bubble': TRAINA THOUGHTS


1. This is one of the better pieces of performance art that you will ever see from Stephen A. Smith.

The First Take host went off during Tuesday's show about one potential problem with the NBA bubble: players losing access to wives and girlfriends. 

Smith worked himself into a lather about the players being in the Orlando bubble and unable to participate in "recreational activities" and "what these guys are accustomed to." 

"You really, really think people are gonna be without their wives or their woman," Smith asked his cohosts.

According to Smith, three months of alone time just won't fly with the players.

"After a month, I just said, 'forget three months, they're gonna struggle with three weeks!' Why do you think they wanted Vegas?"

When cohost Max Kellerman was able to get a word in during Smith's passionate rant, he asked what Smith thought the players would do to solve this problem. Without missing a beat, Smith yelled, "THEY'RE GONNA VIOLATE THE BUBBLE!"

Just a spectacular performance by Smith, balancing outrage, humor and dismay while his voice hits all sorts of octaves.

2. Unfortunately, we won't be hearing the legendary voice of the NBA when the league returns later this month. According to the New York Post, 79-year-old Marv Albert has decided to pass on calling games from the Orlando bubble because of the surging number of coronavirus cases in Florida.

3. Tweets don't get more perfect than this one from Phillies outfielder Andrew McCutchen.

4. While everyone is celebrating the fact that Bobby Bonilla gets his annual $1.9 million check from the Mets today, we should also remember two incidents Bonilla had with reporters in the locker room.

5. We told you last week that the Giants were going put cardboard cutouts of fans in the stands this season.

The A's will also do this, and, according to the team's website, the cost of having your image in the stands for a game in Oakland will be $89. 

6. RANDOM VIDEO OF THE DAY: HBO announced Tuesday that Curb Your Enthusiasm will return for an 11th season. I've ranked the best sports scenes in the show's history, so check out the full list. In honor of the big news, we all deserve some Larry and Susie today.

7. SPORTS VIDEO OF THE DAY: Marv Albert will be missed this season. Nobody has done it better, as proven here.

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