UFC Fighter Has Hilarious Interaction With Trash-Talking Fan

In Monday’s Hot Clicks: UFC’s Paul Felder challenges a fan to fight, a wild NWSL goal and more.
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Not everyone on the internet is pretending to be a tough guy

For as long as the internet has been around, people have been challenging others to take their online fights into the real world. There’s an assumption that people will type things on their keyboards that they’d never have come out of their mouth face-to-face. And it’s true! Unless you’re the guy who drove an hour to Temecula on Christmas Day to defend Kobe Bryant’s honor, trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers, as Drake would say

Actual tough guys aren’t immune to the urge to talk trash from behind their screens. UFC fighter Paul Felder likes to mix it up with trolls on Twitter, asking them what their mom is making for dinner and calling out Confederate flag supporters.

Felder, who has been semiretired since losing to Dan Hooker in February, spent his Sunday morning trading barbs with a bunch of people on Twitter. When people in his mentions started comparing him to washed-up fighters, Felder made a nonsensical remark about frozen pizza (not every punch lands), and a guy named John told him it’s time to hang it up. 

Felder was incensed by the slight and challenged John to say it to his face, which he politely declined. 

John’s honesty completely disarmed Felder. 

That’s a master class in online trolling from John. Felder came out looking for a fight, trying to intimidate John into backing down, and John dodged him so effectively Felder just fell on his face. Felder may be a better fighter in the Octagon, but John is better on Twitter. 

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