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Stephen A. Smith to Max Kellerman: 'You Should Be Banned From Talking About Basketball': TRAINA THOUGHTS

1. Now this is an instance when the hot-take formula of saying something wild just to get a reaction works out well, because the end result is solid entertainment.

On a previous episode of First Take, Max Kellerman declared Kawhi Leonard was a better player under pressure than Kobe Bryant. When Kellerman made the comment, cohosts Jay Williams and Stephen A. Smith were left completely dumbfounded, as you'll see below.

Cut to the Clippers blowing a 3–1 series lead against the Nuggets and Leonard scoring just 14 points on 6-of-22 shooting from the field in Tuesday night's decisive Game 7

How did Stephen A. react this morning? For starters, he busted out the Cheez Doodles and snacked on them while Kellerman tried to defend himself.

Then Stephen A. proceeded to mock Kellerman's "blasphemous" take and said his cohost should be "banned from talking about basketball."

Stephen A. wasn't done there. This one-minute clip is performance art at its best, especially the final 15 seconds.

2. Speaking of mocking, even Magic Johnson—owner of the blandest Twitter account in all the land—got in on ridiculing the Clippers' choke job last night.

3. I guess this fight between two Houston sports-talk radio hosts can fall into the "entertaining hot take" category for some, but personally, I think this is more "trainwreck and embarrassing entertainment." Honestly, you should never, ever, ever get this worked up about sports. Ever.

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