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Robby Anderson Confused by Panthers’ ‘Bear’ Mascot in Hilarious Miked-Up Video

In Thursday’s Hot Clicks: Robby Anderson meets Sir Purr, two wild soccer goals and more.

Robby Anderson is still familiarizing himself with his new team

There are few things in sports better than a good miked-up video. Every fan dreams of getting as close to field as possible, and sticking a microphone on a player makes that dream a reality. You get to hear all the trash talk, banter and sideline goofing that the players do. It serves as a window not only into what it’s like to play high-level sports but also into the personalities of players you might not otherwise get to know. 

With fans now as far from the field as imaginable, wiring players for sound is just about the only way that fans can feel close to the game. Panthers receiver Robby Anderson wore a microphone for Carolina’s opener against the Raiders, and the result was pretty great. 

You got to hear Anderson talking trash to Vegas defensive back Jonathan Abram and telling his coaches how rookie DB Damon Arnette was “huffing and puffing” just before Anderson burned him for a 75-yard touchdown. 

The highlight, though, was this clip, where Anderson is completely flummoxed by Sir Purr, the Panthers’ mascot. 

The clip is 17 seconds long, and every moment is a riot. You have D.J. Moore asking incredulously, “The bear?” There’s the way Anderson makes a cat claw motion with his hand when Sir Purr’s name clicks in his mind. And Anderson, still in disbelief, shakes his head when Moore tells him he addresses the mascot as Sir Purr. 

Put a microphone on Anderson every game. He seems like a cool guy. 

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