DeAndre Hopkins Offers Tremendous Reason for Flipping Off Trump Supporters: TRAINA THOUGHTS

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1. Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins found himself in the middle of a controversy the past couple of days after he drove his car through a Donald Trump parade/rally in Arizona and flipped off the MAGA crowd.

Hopkins gave his side of the story on the All Things Covered podcast and offered one hell of a reason for the one-finger salute.

First, here's Hopkins explaining how he ended up driving through the crowd.

"Driving on the highway, I guess I got in between a bunch of cars that I wasn't supposed to be in between, and they were honking the horn at me and stuff like that to tell me to get out of their way and I didn't, and the guy in front of me stepped on his brakes and tried to stop dead traffic and I got around him and stuck him a birdie."

As for that birdie, Hopkins had one hell of an excuse for the gesture.

"I really was about to do the peace sign to him but this index, this finger right here was kinda hurting and it didn't make it up in time."

Hopkins' finger must have made a miraculous recovery because hours after the incident, he was able to catch 10 passes for 103 yards and a touchdown in Arizona's 37–34 overtime win against Seattle.

2. Can you taste what The Rock is cookin'? He did yesterday when he licked his own blood after a mishap in the gym.

3. This week's "Bad Beats" is especially excellent. That Chattanooga money line loss is an all-timer.


• President Barack Obama will appear on LeBron James's HBO show, The Shop, this Friday at 9pm.

• ESPN announced College GameDay will air from Augusta National on Saturday, Nov. 14.

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