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1. According to Bet Online, the website has taken more bets on politics this year than on the winner (with the point spread) of the 49ers-Chiefs Super Bowl in February.

With Election Day here, the site is offering a slew of bets on all things Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump and more, including Kanye West. 

Here is a sampling.

To win the presidential election
Joe Biden: -180
Donald Trump: +160 

To win the popular vote
Joe Biden: -675
Donald Trump: +475

Number of votes for Donald Trump
Over/Under: 69 ½ million

Number of votes for Joe Biden
Over/Under: 79 ½ million

Voter turnout in the U.S presidential election
Over 149 ½ million voters: -500
Under 149 ½ million voters: +300

Percentage of votes for Kanye West
Under 0.5%: -1500
Over 0.5%: +600

Winner of popular vote wins Electoral College
Yes: -260
No: +200

Total electoral votes for Joe Biden
Under 310 ½ electoral votes: -150
Over 310 ½ electoral votes: +110

On which day will the loser concede the election?                   

Nov. 4, 2020: 2/1
Nov. 3, 2020: 9/4
Dec. 1, 2020 or later: 5/2
Nov. 5, 2020: 5/1
Nov. 6, 2020: 10/1
Nov. 7, 2020: 12/1
Nov. 8, 2020: 16/1
Nov. 10, 2020: 25/1
Nov. 11, 2020: 25/1
Nov. 9, 2020: 25/1
Nov. 12, 2020: 28/1
Nov. 13, 2020: 28/1
Nov. 14, 2020: 33/1
Nov. 15, 2020: 33/1
Nov. 16, 2020: 40/1
Nov. 17, 2020: 40/1
Nov. 18, 2020: 40/1
Nov. 19, 2020: 40/1
Nov. 20, 2020: 50/1
Nov. 21, 2020: 50/1
Nov. 22, 2020: 50/1
Nov. 23, 2020: 50/1
Nov. 24, 2020: 50/1
Nov. 25, 2020: 50/1
Nov. 26, 2020: 50/1
Nov. 27 2020: 50/1
Nov. 28 2020: 50/1
Nov. 29 2020: 50/1
Nov. 30 2020: 50/1

2. A brand-new SI Media Podcast is out for your listening pleasure, and if you're a WWE fan, you'll want to give this a listen because the legendary Paul Heyman joined me for an hour. The podcast started with Heyman questioning me when I asked how he was doing. He then ripped me for writing that Bobby Heenan is the greatest wrestling manager of all time. Then we got into Heyman's role as Roman Reigns's special counsel and how that partnership came to be. The podcast ended with Heyman sharing behind-the-scenes details and insight into his famous "pipe bomb" on Vince McMahon.

You can listen to the podcast below or download it on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher and Google Play.

3. The latest edition of Scott Van Pelt's "Bad Beats" was a special one, thanks to the East Carolina–Tulsa game.

Side note: at the beginning of Bad Beats, SVP mentions Al Michaels and expresses surprise that Al is a big fan of the segment. This of course, isn't a surprise to anyone who listened to Al's recent appearance on the SI Media Podcast, where he said Van Pelt has made "Bad Beats" into an art form.

4. Free-agent pitcher Chris Archer detailed the troubles he had voting in this election. The former Rays and Pirates hurler had to fly from California to Florida just to cast his ballot. 

5. New York Post sports media columnist Andrew Marchand reports that ABC and ESPN are making a big play to get NBC's Sunday Night Football package in the next round of television negotiations. The other important tidbit thrown out by Marchand is that the new NFL TV deals are expected to be done by the end of the year.

6. RANDOM VIDEO OF THE DAY: Here is the famous Paul Heyman–Vince McMahon segment that Heyman talks about in depth on this week's SI Media Podcast.

7. SPORTS VIDEO OF THE DAY: Today is National Sandwich Day. In honor of the occasion, let's watch Bill Belichick make a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich.

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