Danish Soccer Player Scores Goal of the Year Candidate With Double Scissor Kick

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What a goal!

For a day with no major sports on the calendar, the competition for Wednesday’s best highlight is a stiff one. Western Michigan’s game-winning fake spike (check that out farther down the page) was pretty impressive, but it still pales in comparison to this absurd goal from Danish Cup action. 

Lyngby traveled to Slagelse in the third round of the tournament and Lyngby’s Nicolai Geertsen scored one of the most impressive goals you’ll ever see. In the 70th minute, a corner kick found Geertsen all by himself in the middle of the box and he leapt to meet the ball with a stiff scissor kick. The shot clanged off the crossbar and bounced right back to Geertsen, who hopped off the ground and struck it with a second scissor kick, this one squeezing between the goalkeeper’s outstretched arms and a defender standing on the goal line. 

Here it is from another angle.

The game was a real nightmare for Slagelse. Geertsen’s wondergoal was the seventh score en route to a 9–0 thrashing. While, Lyngby plays in Denmark’s top division, Slagelse is in the third tier. It’s a semiprofessional league that includes a team called—and this is not a joke—Middelfart. Those guys probably had to ask for time off from their day jobs to go out and get crushed by a team of full-time professionals. 

My Danish is rusty but I believe the tweet from Lyngby is saying Geertsen’s goal should be considered for FIFA’s Puskás Award, given annually to the most beautiful or impressive goal of the year. The award’s guidelines, though, say voters shouldn’t pick goals that were the result of luck. Was it luck that the ball rebounded off the crossbar and right back to Geertsen? Maybe a little bit. But it’s still a great goal. 

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