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Adam Schefter Causes Yet Another Stir Regarding Aaron Rodgers: TRAINA THOUGHTS

1. And now there's controversy about the controversial report.

As you know, on the afternoon of Round 1 of the NFL draft last week, ESPN's Adam Schefter reported Aaron Rodgers wanted out of Green Bay. 

Many people found it curious Schefter would drop this bombshell a few hours before the start of the draft. 

On his Thursday radio show, Dan Patrick asked Schefter about how the timing of the report came about. Here is Schefter's answer:

"You know Dan, the funny part about it is, I heard people say, ‘Oh, Aaron Rodgers wanted that out before the draft.’ I can assure you Aaron Rodgers did not want that out before the draft. I’ve had people say, ‘The Green Bay Packers planted that. It was a very pro Packers story.’ I can assure you the Green Bay Packers didn’t plant that. 

"When people guess at where stories come from, more often than not, they’re usually wrong. And in this case, they’re wrong. This was an accumulation. 

"All during the offseason, of just listening to people talk. And observing. If we go back to the NFC championship game that the Green Bay Packers lost at home, did we not hear Aaron Rodgers after that game talk about his level of unhappiness, if you will? Uncertainty for the future. Just go back and listen to that press conference and it sounds almost like he’s saying goodbye to Green Bay. 

"And so, your antenna’s up. And I’m just telling you throughout the course of the offseason, there was rarely a week that went by without where I didn’t hear something about Aaron Rodgers. And on draft day, there’s a report that morning by Paul Allen out in Minneapolis that the 49ers made a draft offer, which they didn’t make a draft offer; they never made an offer. And other people saying that the 49ers called and I said, 'How long till it gets out that Aaron Rodgers wants out of Green Bay? Is it next week? Is it when he doesn’t show up to the OTAs?' … It’s gonna come out. What does it matter if it comes out now or next week or next month?"

So, Schefter told Patrick his report was based on an "accumulation" of information. It was based on one tip or leak he got last Thursday afternoon.

Schefter made that clear again to Patrick, saying, "There was nothing that morning that came in. No one said to me, ‘Yeah, he wants out; you should report this.’ It’s like, it was going on all offseason. You just keep hearing and there’s more and more talk, and now there’s starting to be Aaron Rodgers talk and I said, 'You know what? This isn’t gonna wait much longer.' And it just happened to be draft day."

Now I can understand why some people think Schefter's actions were shady.

But here's the reality: Schefter did nothing wrong. Fans can be angry with Schefter. Fans, and even people around the NFL, can think Schefter lost some credibility. But his report was accurate. Rodgers confirmed this at the Kentucky Derby on Saturday when he told NBC's Mike Tirico he was upset his rift with the Packers came out publicly.

You may not like the timing of Schefter's report, but he did not make it up. He didn't just throw it out there and hope it would stick. He had information and that information was correct. 

And if you think it sucked he decided to drop that report hours before the draft, that doesn't really matter to Schefter because you can certainly bet ESPN was beyond thrilled with what he did on draft day. 

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