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1. Writing about layoffs at sports media companies is always dicey. Every company has them. Sports Illustrated has had more rounds of layoffs over the 20 years I’ve worked here than I care to remember.

Every company goes through ups and downs, and, at the end of the day, they all want to make as much money as possible. Unfortunately, it’s part of the business, and you have to accept that it’s going to happen.

However, when you see that the NFL, which prints money, is having massive layoffs, according to a former employee, it’s hard not to be disgusted. It’s one thing to have a small round of layoffs, but one former NFL Media employee contends that the company has laid off 132 people recently.

Another NFL Media employee tweeted last week about getting laid off after seven years with the company.

Longtime NFL writer Jim Trotter, who currently works at NFL Media, summed up the situation perfectly.

A reminder: In late March, the NFL signed yearly deals of $1 billion with Amazon, $2.1 billion with CBS, $2.7 billion with ESPN, $2.2 billion with Fox and $2 billion with NBC.

Yet the NFL can’t find money to pay 132 employees while we’re either coming off of or in the middle of a pandemic?


UPDATE: An NFL spokesperson passed along this statement to SI:

“Every offseason, NFL Media makes staffing adjustments for the upcoming season, which results in some positions being eliminated–nowhere near the wildly inaccurate figure circulating on social media–and some being hired, which we expect to announce in the very near future. What we have seen this summer isn’t markedly different than in previous off-seasons.”

2. NFL Network host Rich Eisen shared a powerful and sobering message Thursday about COVID-19 and getting vaccinated.

3. Giannis's postgame press conference, during which he explained why he left the court in the first quarter of Wednesday night's NBA Finals game, was as entertaining as his amazing blocked shot

4. The WWE has always done a phenomenal job with their video packages. This promo to celebrate the company going back on the road and doing shows in front of fans again beginning Friday is extremely well done.

5. Travis Kelce recently revealed that the world has been saying his last name incorrectly for his entire career, which was a shock to even his teammates.

6. The latest SI Media Podcast features an interview with ESPN's Sean McDonough. The veteran play-by-play man talks about why he wanted the job as the network's lead NHL voice, why it didn't work out for him calling Monday Night Football, whether he feels underrated among elite play-by-play broadcasters, his famous voice cracks and much more.

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7RANDOM VIDEO OF THE DAY: Shout-out to the MLB Reddit page for reminding me of this seven-year-old video.

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