Pedro Martinez Lets the Expletives Fly on MLB Network: TRAINA THOUGHTS

1. Who knows whether Pedro Martinez was inspired by Eli Manning's double bird the previous evening on Monday Night Football, but the former Red Sox pitcher decided to go unfiltered Tuesday on MLB Network.

Martinez was insisting that Arizona pitcher Luke Weaver was balking during the Diamondbacks game against the Giants. When one of his co-hosts explained that Weaver had never been called for a balk in his career, Martinez, responded with, "Well, the umpires don't know s--- about what they're doing."

As you can see in the clip, this was not an accidental slip of the tongue by Martinez. He emphasized the naughty word by pointing right into the camera when he said it.

This is the effect Major League Baseball umpires have on people.

2. Peyton and Eli Manning drew 1.89 million viewers for their buzzworthy Week 3 show. That was up slightly from the 1.86 million viewers they drew in Week 2. In Week 1, the Mannings drew 800,000 viewers.

As we told you yesterday, Peyton and Eli are off for the next three weeks and will return for Week 7's Saints-Seahawks game.

3. We still have five days to go, but the hype for Brady vs. Belichick is in full force. Even former Patriots wide out Julian Edelman is getting in on the action.

4. PTI's Michael Wilbon really doesn't like Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin for some reason. Wilbon attacked Kiffin on Tuesday, and Kiffin responded early Wednesday morning.

5. The only news you need today.

And since we have Curb's official return date AND it's National Coffee Day, we have to post one of the show's best scenes.

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7. RANDOM VIDEO OF THE DAY: Today is Bryant Gumbel's 73rd birthday. In honor of the occasion, let's remember one of the greatest videos in Internet history.

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