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Watch: Sam Kerr Takes Down Pitch Invader, Receives Yellow Card

Oftentimes, a player who receives a yellow card draws the ire of fans and teammates alike for putting their team in a precarious position. The hunch here is that Sam Kerr's most recent booking will be met with a much warmer reception.

During Wednesday's UEFA Champions League group stage match against Juventus, Chelsea's Sam Kerr received a yellow card after a pitch invader made his way onto the field and disrupted the game. When security lagged in intervening, Kerr took matters into her own hands—or, rather, her shoulder:

Warning: the following video contains explicit language.

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Kerr was booked for the offense, but the game continued, ending in a scoreless draw. The result preserved Chelsea's spot atop the Group A table, while Juventus is in a tie with Wolfsburg for second place through five games.

Though the game featured no scoring, it can be argued that Kerr's actions was more memorable than any goal she could have conjured up. The shoulder-takedown should at least serve as a warning to any future hooligans: when Kerr is between the lines, enter the pitch at your own peril.

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