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Klatt Apologizes for Not Pushing Back on CFB Star’s Alabama Education Criticism

Oregon star and potential top NFL draft pick Kayvon Thibodeaux ruffled some feathers in a recent interview with Fox Sports' Joel Klatt, belittling the education that athletes receive at Alabama. On Thursday, after the clip went viral, Klatt apologized for not pushing back on that notion.

Thibodeaux told Klatt that a number of things factored into his decision to pick Oregon over Alabama. With the Crimson Tide, Thibodeaux said, he'd win a national championship, but might not receive the same level of education, or have the opportunities that the school's close relationship with Nike presents.

“I already hate the stigmatism of football players being dumb jocks,” Thibodeaux said. “So now, do you know the stigmatism [sic] of Alabama education? It ain't the West Coast. It ain't Harvard... I don't know if my degree would mean anything.”

“No, I hear you,” Klatt repeated twice as Thibodeaux knocked the education that athletes receive in Tuscaloosa

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Klatt took to Twitter to apologize for appearing to agree with Thibodeaux's take.

Thibodeaux was one of the top recruits in the country when he opted to head to Oregon over Alabama. He tallied 19 sacks in 30 games with the Ducks across three seasons, adding 35.5 tackles for loss. 

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