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Rams Celebrate Super Bowl Victory With Short Parade Route Wednesday

After years of knocking on the door of a championship, the 2021–22 Rams broke through, knocking off the Bengals 23–20 in Super Bowl LVI. The win was especially sweet for the franchise, as the game was played on the team’s home turf at SoFi Stadium.

The championship is the first for the city of Los Angeles since the Raiders won a title just a few years into their tenure in L.A, when they knocked off Washington in Super Bowl XVIII on Jan. 22, 1984. 

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In 1995, L.A. lost the Rams to St. Louis and the Raiders to Oakland. In 2016, the Rams returned, followed by the Chargers a year later. The two teams have struggled to gain a real foothold in the Lakers and Dodgers-crazed town, and it shows a bit with today’s parade, which runs just 1.1 miles down Figueroa Street in South L.A., along USC’s campus, and ending at the Rams' former home: Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

A fair share of Rams fans have turned out, though attendance looks sparse in spots. It definitely isn't the madhouse that fans are accustomed to in other cities.

The actual route is significantly shorter than many other cities are accustomed to. For reference, the boat parade held in Tampa last year, after the Buccaneers’ Super Bowl victory, was around four miles long.

There are other factors at play as well. COVID-19 remains an issue. The Lakers and Dodgers each won championships during the pandemic, but neither received a parade, something LeBron James hoped to rectify after the Rams win, to no avail. 

Even without throngs of die-hard fans, the Rams themselves seem to be having a good time.

This was the franchise’s first Super Bowl victory since 1999–2000, when Kurt Warner led the then-St. Louis-based team to a 23–16 win over the Titans at Super Bowl XXXIV.

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