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Kyler Murray Unhappy With Colin Cowherd’s Comments About Team Culture in NFL

It has been an offseason filled with drama and constant rumors for Kyler Murray and the Cardinals. The Arizona quarterback is seeking a long-term contract extension but has yet to receive from one from the franchise.

While Murray has not been granted his wish, Arizona general manager Steve Keim told reporters Thursday that there is “zero chance” the franchise will trade its star signal caller.

As the dramatic saga continues, pundits like Fox Sports TV and radio host Colin Cowherd believe that Murray's lack of an extension stems from him being a quarterback who is difficult to build a successful culture around. Cowherd spoke about Murray on The Herd with Colin Cowherd radio show, saying that a good team's culture is built on accountability.

According to Cowherd, teams need a strong voice (coach) and players who “get behind their behaviors rather than their talents.” Quarterbacks like Murray and Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers are “harder to build a culture around” and have “trust issues,” he believes.

“Kyler [Murray] and Aaron [Rodgers] put their talent first and their behavior second,” Cowherd said. “And that is the opposite... of what wins at the highest level.”

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Despite Cowherd’s argument, Murray didn’t shy away from expressing his thoughts on the situation. “Run whatever narratives y’all wanna run with… but questioning my work ethic, we not going for,” Murray tweeted. “Stop playin’ w/ me Colin [Cowherd]. I still rock w/ you but cmon.”

As Murray continues to wait on his contract extension, Cowherd believes the best athletes and quarterbacks—players like Tim Duncan, Tom Brady and Russell Wilson—buy into their franchise’s “great culture” and take accountability, and have had and will continue to have winning careers.

If Cowherd is right, until Murray more fully buys in like those other great athletes, he may continue waiting on an extension. He is currently under contract through the 2023 season and is scheduled to earn just $5.5 million in 2022. But beyond the financial perspective, the Cardinals signal caller may not reach the highest heights of his success. 

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