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Rams Scout Jumps into Pool After Team Drafts Top Target at No. 104

The Rams made their first pick of the 2022 NFL draft late in the third round, but it may (jokingly) be a mixed bag of emotions for some as one person lost a bet because of the pick. 

According to The Athletic’s Jourdan Rodrigue, Scout Brian Hill said if Logan Bruss was still on the board come the franchise’s pick at No. 104, he would jump in the pool at their draft headquarters. Sure enough, as the third round came to a close, the Wisconsin guard was still up for grabs.

True to his word, Hill walked out to the pool, took his shoes off and jumped in fully clothed. 

According to Rodrigue, Hill was the lead scout with star Cooper Kupp and Jordan Fuller. 

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When Bruss arrives in Los Angeles, there will be familiar faces waiting for him—offensive linemen David Edwards and Rob Havenstein. Bruss told that he met both of them when he was training in the area for the combine, which was the same time as the playoffs and eventual Super Bowl. 

“I loved the area, and honestly this is the place I was kind of dreaming of coming to play. It’s a dream come true. I’m excited to see some familiar faces there.”

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