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Lamar Jackson in Awe of Ambidextrous High School Quarterback

Lamar Jackson appeared impressed by a video of the ambidextrous high school quarterback Mikey Gow on Thursday.

SportsCenter reposted a video of Gow from @theqbplug on TikTok, and the Ravens quarterback quote tweeted the video stating that Gow will be a “#1 Overall pick” in the future, adding four fire emojis.

Gow responded to the shoutout from Jackson, posting three saluting emojis, meaning he will try to become the No. 1 pick for Jackson.

The video narrator asks at the end if people think it is an advantage for a quarterback to be ambidextrous? Although there were mixed responses, Jackson seems to think it is.

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Some colleges seem to agree, as Gow already has 13 schools looking at him according to 247Sports. Those schools include Notre Dame, Michigan, Oklahoma State and Texas. 

However, he has a while before he has to choose his future college as he is only entering his sophomore season. He started as a 14-year-old freshman for Bellevue East High School in Nebraska. His home state school, Nebraska, is also interested in him.

Gow won’t have a chance to be the No. 1 overall pick until at least the 2028 NFL draft, which would follow his junior year of college. So, Jackson and football fans will have to wait a while to see if Jackson’s prediction comes true.

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