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Keyshawn Johnson Suffers Tough Moment Guarding Jay Williams One-on-One

Jay Williams and Keyshawn Johnson are preparing to play Bart Scott and Alan Hahn in a two-on-two basketball game next week, after Scott and Hahn set forth the challenge.

Johnson and Williams seem to have an advantage, as they have the only former basketball player participating along with another professional athlete. They have been practicing one-on-one to prepare, but things didn’t go as planned in their latest practice.

While practicing on the court at Duke University, Williams crossed up Johnson so badly that Johnson fell over on his back.

While the evidence seems clear that Johnson’s attempt to guard Williams failed, the former NFL wide receiver is blaming something else.

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“That clever editing man,” he tweeted early Thursday morning.

The ESPN two-on-two challenge will take place on June 1 between the two sets of radio hosts. Hopefully for Keyshawn Johnson’s sake, he looks better in the game than he did during practice.

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