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Tyrese Maxey Responds to Young 76ers Fan’s Reaction to Potential Kevin Durant Trade

The summer is always an uncertain time for the NBA because players are always seemingly looking to leave teams in free agency or in possible trade scenarios. Sometimes those NBA rumors don’t take into account the feelings of athletes, their families or maybe most importantly: unsuspecting young fans. 

A video of an eight-year-old 76ers fan went viral on July 4 when he thought that the team would trade for Kevin Durant. Although he was excited as first, he then broke out in tears when he learned that if the trade were to happen—Tyrese Maxey would be traded away.

The boy was asked if he prefer Philadelphia not trade for Durant in order to keep Maxey, and he nodded because he seemed too upset to talk. The 76ers guard saw the video and felt the love from the young fan. 

“I gotta get lil man a jersey!” Maxey said in a tweet. 

Durant reportedly requested a trade June 30, and of course teams scrambled to put together trade packages. But no deal has been done yet.

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