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Ohio State AD Replied to LeBron James’s College Eligibility Tweet

LeBron James caused waves online when he asked if he had eligibility in another college sport besides basketball in a tweet Saturday. Although it appeared to be in good fun, the topic picked up some steam Sunday when Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith responded on Twitter with an explanation and an invitation. 

“If you never enrolled full-time in college and didn’t compete in the sport that you want to play after HS graduation, you could have eligibility remaining,” Smith said in a tweet. “If you professionalize in one sport, you can still be considered an amateur in another. Would love to help you!”

James, an Ohio native, is a Buckeyes fan and played wide receiver in high school. He would go on to pursue basketball professionally and skipped college, so James would satisfy the criteria that Smith laid out. 

At 37 years old, maybe James can still be one of the best collegiate athletes to ever play. 

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