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Sara Walsh After Her Husband Returns Judge’s Home Run Ball: ‘Divorce’

Aaron Judge finally hit his 61st home run of the season on Wednesday, ending a week’s worth of fruitless at-bats and tying Roger Maris for the most homers in one season in American League history. Many were interested to see which fan would end up snagging the valuable souvenir, but in the end, the ball fell short of the left field stands at Rogers Centre and landed in the Blue Jays bullpen.

Eventually, it ended up in the hands of Toronto bullpen coach Matt Buschmann. From there, the story takes a turn towards marital strife.

Buschmann’s wife is Sara Walsh, who covers the NFL and soccer for Fox. Upon getting word that Buschmann ended up with the potentially valuable ball, Walsh took to Twitter to announce her “retirement,” noting that she was currently at the couple’s home in Florida dealing with Hurricane Ian.

That feeling dissipated moments later, when it was revealed that Buschmann gave the ball up so it could head to the Yankees. Walsh was, to put it mildly, not too pleased with his decision.

“Oh cool. He just handed that back without checking to see if our house is still here?” Walsh wrote. “I’d next like to announce our divorce.”

For Buschmann’s sake, let’s keep a happy thought and say she’s being facetious. In any case, it’s a safe bet that the former big-league pitcher has a conversation waiting for him when he returns home.

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