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Skunk Runs Amok at Bucs-Browns Game in Cleveland’s FirstEnergy Stadium

Fans were shocked and disgusted during the Buccaneers-Browns game at FirstEnergy Stadium on Sunday, and it actually had nothing to do with the football game taking place on the field.

During the first half of the game in Cleveland, fans couldn’t believe their eyes (and presumably noses) when they saw an animal running around the stands. 

That animal turned out to be a skunk, which confused fans. After all, how does a skunk enter the stadium unnoticed and then make its way through the stands unbothered? That question has not been answered yet.

Fans moved away from the skunk as it scurried around. Some observers took videos of the extraordinary occurrence.

Here’s a closer shot of the skunk.

Despite the potential stench that could be wafting through the stands, the game remained competitive in the first half as the two teams were tied 10–10 at the break.

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